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  • Support Sex-Based Rights this Giving Tuesday!

    This Giving Tuesday, you can lend a hand to continue to fight against the ongoing attack on the rights, privacy, and opportunities of women and girls!

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  • Tell AMC: Stop Silencing Detransitioners!

    AMC Theaters announced last week that it would be pulling screenings of, "No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care,” a 90-minute documentary examining the experiences of five detransitioners. 

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    The film was scheduled to premiere in AMC on June 21, but was pulled due to pressure from extreme gender ideologues who wish to silence the stories of people harmed by their ideology. 

    According to the film’s website, the documentary includes the stories of detransitioners Michelle, Laura, Cat, David, Joel, and Abel who share their stories of “gender distress, transgender medicalization, and subsequent detransition.” They are joined by medical and mental health experts such as psychotherapists Lisa Marchiano, Sasha Ayad, Stella O’Malley, physician-scientist Lisa Littman, endocrinologist Dr. William Malone, MD; Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Stephanie Winn, sociologist Dr. Michael Biggs, and pediatrician Dr. Julia Mason.

    The campaign to cancel the film was organized by the Queer Trans Project, an organization that provides resources to children to encourage them to medically transition. 

    WoLF is calling on AMC to reverse their cancellation of “Now Way Back,” and stop silencing detransitioners! Sign the petition to show your support! 


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