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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Chandler v. CDCR Litigation Team Grows

WoLF is pleased to welcome law firm Campbell Miller Payne PLLC (CMP) to the litigation team for Chandler v. CDCR, joining WoLF counsel to challenge the constitutionality of California’s self-ID prison housing law on behalf of plaintiffs Janine Chandler, Tomiekia Johnson, Krystal Gonzalez, and Nadia Romero. Founded in 2023 to specialize in representing detransitioners, CMP collectively brings decades of diverse high-stakes litigation experience and a demonstrated commitment to justice for the victims of the medical harm of “gender identity” ideology. Insider__9_-_bigger_(1).png

Candice Jackson, a civil rights lawyer and subject matter expert, will continue to serve as local counsel. Prior to joining this case with WoLF, Candice worked in the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights as Deputy General Counsel. Lauren Bone, founder of Adams Bone Law and former WoLF legal director,  will continue to represent WoLF as co-counsel on Chandler v. CDCR. Lauren has nearly a decade of legal experience in civil rights, family law, and non-profit law. In her role as legal counsel for WoLF, she files amici briefs, co-authored the Women's Bill of Rights for WoLF, writes regulatory comments, testifies on WoLF's behalf, and works with WoLF staff and volunteers to drive grassroots advocacy and public education efforts. 

In 2023, Jordan Campbell, Ron Miller, Josh Payne, and Daniel Sepulveda founded CMP PLLC to take on the cases of detransitioners. Detransitioners are a growing group of individuals who received gender medical interventions and came to regret this decision for myriad reasons, including that they no longer identify as “transgender” or “non-binary.” The known effects and unexpected complications of gender medical interventions are irreversible and sometimes catastrophic, leading to infertility, impairment or loss of sexual function as adults, or even death. CMP exists to speak up for these victims (many of whom began gender medical interventions under the fiction of “gender-affirming care” as children) to assert their rights and pursue justice. 

CMP now joins Adams Bone Law in fighting against the cruel and unusual punishment of incarcerated women through harmful “gender identity” prison policies.

Status of Chandler v. CDCR

In November 2021, WoLF filed a lawsuit on behalf of four incarcerated women challenging a California law that allows men to “self-identify” as women or non-binary land be housed in women’s facilities. WoLF is asking the court to overturn this law and declare it unconstitutional. The Chandler v. CDCR case currently has a pending Motion to Intervene by four male prisoners represented by former civil liberties advocates at the ACLU, the Transgender Law Center (TLC), and Lambda Legal —  once known for its gay rights advocacy. Also pending is a Motion to Dismiss by the California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation. 

For over a year, WoLF and its plaintiffs have waited for a ruling on these pending motions. In the meantime, policies such as California’s have resulted in pregnancy, sexual abuse, harassment, violence, and declining quality of life for female prisoners despite such outcomes being entirely avoidable, preventable, foreseeable, and predictable by simply not locking incarcerated women up with men. 

Today, the need for nonpartisan feminist dissent from “gender” has only increased as lawmakers and politicians have surrendered women’s rights in the face of partisanship, social pressure, and popular culture. WoLF is delivering a feminist counter-narrative to gender ideology at every level of government in the United States, thanks to our willingness to develop strategic partnerships and the dedication of our donors. By joining forces, WoLF, Adams Bone Law, and CMP aim to achieve a landmark victory that paves the way for the sex-based rights of incarcerated women across the country.

Learn more about Chandler v. CDCR, and stay tuned for case updates on our website.

Leading the Pack: Introducing WoLF's Next Executive Director 


Meet Sharon Byrne, WoLF’s Incoming Executive Director

Joining WoLF with over two decades of nonprofit executive experience, Sharon is an energetic professional with proven skills in women’s rights advocacy, human rights advocacy, governmental relations, and community/movement organizing. WoLF Insiders like you are among the first to hear this exclusive and exciting news - thank you!


“Despite being sold the promise of progress, the United States has unexpectedly been thrust into a disastrous moment for women’s rights. With threats to our safety, dignity, and sovereignty coming from all sides, we have the enormous opportunity before us to forge a powerful, new chapter of women joining together to fight back and preserve our rights. I could not be more honored to be joining WoLF at this moment, helping to shape a shining new era for women's equality and advancement, birthing a far brighter future for our daughters and all the daughters to come.”

Welcome, Sharon!

Sharon holds a Master's Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor's Degree in Management and Economics, and a certificate in Human Rights Consulting from the International Institute for Human Rights. Sharon has conducted forums on human trafficking and disaster recovery, produced events for UN International Women’s Day, and created the UNA Santa Barbara Peace Prize. As WoLF’s Executive Director, Sharon plans to hit the ground running as she oversees an era of groundbreaking civil rights advocacy and litigation on behalf of women and girls!

The WoLF Team would love to introduce you to Sharon personally - contact us to schedule a meeting with Sharon!

WoLF is Turning Ten: Our Upcoming Tenth Anniversary!


For nearly a decade, the Women’s Liberation Front has worked to restore, protect, and advance the rights of women and girls using legal arguments, policy advocacy, and public education. Since 2020, WoLF has publicly testified, submitted public records requests, conducted polling, filed ten amicus briefs, and monitored significant bills in 44 of the 50 US states with a board and staff of fewer than a dozen women, a team of dedicated contractors and volunteers, and a fraction of the annual budget of agencies like the ACLU.

Thanks to supporters just like you, WoLF continues to fight against the erasure of 'sex' in U.S. law and policy! As a small gesture of our gratitude, we invite you to preview our Herstory of WoLF webpage highlighting WoLF’s efforts from 2013 to date.

Use password “10years” to access this WoLF Insider exclusive webpage!

Sneak Peek: "Herstory of WoLF"


Running with the Pack: WoLF Member & Volunteer Spotlight


Araquel, WoLF Member & Volunteer

"As a woman, mother, activist, and organizer, there are no issues more pressing today and no fight more imperative for our tomorrows than the ones retaining and regaining the sex-based rights of women and girls.

I choose to volunteer with WoLF because of their unwavering and singularly-focused commitment to the liberation of women and girls. WoLF has become the critically needed legal response to the ACLU, which has all but abandoned its history of defending against the erosion of women’s rights.


I believe in the women of WoLF, whose advocacy for women and girls consistently reflect the ideals of radical feminist. With so much at stake, this is not the time to balk or hesitate but to rise with a sense of urgency and face each new affront; and use our united strength and endurance to pace ourselves for the long haul. 

WoLF is a gift which keeps on giving, and I’m proud to be just one volunteer among many to support their mission, so they can keep fighting for women and girls." 

Thank you, Araquel!

The WoLF Team thanks Araquel for her tremendous contributions as a social media volunteer! Please take a moment to visit our Facebook page and support Araquel’s efforts to spread the radical feminist message. 

WoLF continually seeks passionate radical feminist women to join our pack - apply for membership today!

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