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EXCLUSIVE: WoLF Submits Supreme Court Amicus Brief on “conversion therapy” in Tingley v. Ferguson

This past Thursday, WoLF submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Tingley v. Ferguson, asking the court to reverse a Ninth Circuit ruling that upheld a district court’s decision to throw out Tingley’s challenge to Washington’s new law against so-called “conversion therapy” for minors...  Insider__9_-_bigger_(1).png

Although WoLF vehemently opposes conversion therapy for same-sex attracted youth, the amicus brief argues that “gender transition,” which is endorsed by SB 5722, has become a modern form of conversion therapy that is deeply rooted in homophobia and used primarily to “convert” same-sex attracted and gender non-conforming youth into “straight-passing” youth. Research demonstrates that many children desist from childhood gender dysphoria, and most eventually grow up accepting that they are same-sex attracted and/or gender non-conforming. Radical feminist activists describe this tactic as forced teaming - when transactivists manipulate, gaslight, and violate the boundaries of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) civil rights movement - appealing to droves of uncritical liberal supporters with its rebranded, vacuous “LGBTQIA2S+” civil rights movement.

WoLF further argues that “gender identity ideology” functions similarly to a religion, and forcing this ideology on the public through SB 5722 violates the First Amendment's Establishment Clause, making it unconstitutional. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." Yet, by enshrining gender identity ideology into law, WoLF argues that Washington state has endorsed one belief system over others (even worse, endorsed a harmful belief system over physical reality and science) and is effectively imposing this dogma on the public “through compelling speech and actions in support of this belief system.” Because of this, WoLF argues that SB 5722 is unconstitutional…

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Leading the Pack: WoLF Board Member Spotlight


Join WoLF in recognizing Lierre's tremendous contributions to the front line of feminism! We are grateful for her dedicated support of WoLF and her passion for growing the radical feminist resistance:


“Being on the WoLF board has been the most gratifying activism of my life. I share this organization with stalwart, brave, and impassioned women who want to get it done. The wheel of justice may turn slowly but we – board, staff, volunteers, and supporters – are turning it toward women's liberation. For much of my life, my activism has been fueled by grim determination, but participating in WoLF has changed that to joyful optimism. Women really can bring a feminist world into being!”

Thank you, Lierre!

Lierre Keith is the founder of WoLF and has been a radical feminist for over forty years. She currently serves as WoLF’s Board Chair. You may have seen her recently on FOX News with Kara Dansky of WDI USA! In recent years, Lierre has educated activist communities on the importance of nonviolent direct action (NVDA) in confronting and exposing systems of oppression. Lierre is also the author of seven books, and she lives in northern California with giant trees and giant dogs (Lierre is pictured above with her 'megafauna,' Parker!) She has no plans to surrender.

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Warriors for Women: The Friends of WoLF


Our ‘Friends of WoLF’ are donors who pledge recurring monthly donations to address ‘gender identity’ where it matters most — in the courts. Friends help us plan for future fundraising needs while advancing our legal and policy advocacy programs that restore, protect, and advance the rights of women and girls. Our sincerest gratitude to our incredibly loyal Friends of WoLF from 2020 and 2021!

Recurring monthly donations stretch your philanthropic support throughout the year. Friends can manage, edit, and cancel recurring pledges in WoLF's supporter portal anytime!

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For your trust and dedication, we thank our Friends of WoLF for supporting the vital legal and education efforts which protect sex-based rights! Every dollar donated sustains our fight to liberate women and girls. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all donations to WoLF are tax-exempt minus the value of any redeemed cash-value benefits. Email [email protected] with any questions!


Running with the Pack: WoLF Staff Member Spotlight


Join WoLF in recognizing Mary's amazing support of the WoLF member community! We are grateful for Mary’s dedicated support of WoLF membership processing, virtual membership events, and her passion for connecting like-minded radical feminists:


"I feel so lucky to work for WoLF. It's a dream job! I never imagined that I would be able to use my passion for feminism in the workplace. It's amazing to meet so many like-minded women in a world that often demonizes feminists, and I love helping these women connect with each other. I also feel proud knowing that WoLF truly makes a positive impact on women and girls. Solidarity is important for WoLF's work, and membership helps make our legal work possible."

Thank you, Mary!

Mary Sanchez works as WoLF's Membership Coordinator. She became a radical feminist 3 years ago in college when her girlfriend brought to her attention how harmful gender ideology is for women. (They are still together - indeed, a radical feminist love story!) She is also passionate about abolishing commercial sexual exploitation with a particular focus on ending pornography. In her time with WoLF, Mary has joined and renewed over 120 WoLF members and has facilitated four monthly member socials! She aims to continue improving the membership program and create more opportunities for members to connect.

WoLF continually seeks passionate radical feminist women to join our pack - apply for membership today!

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