Fight the bans on women’s speech

WordPress has taken down Gender Identity Watch and is withholding access to our media files, while Twitter has started banning even the sharing of links to content that “misgenders” or “deadnames” men who enthusiastically harass women in public. How much more of the free, online public square will feminists be banned from, and how many people will have to choose between criticizing gender identity doctrine and having access to social media conversations with colleagues, clients, friends, or family?

Do you want gender critical speech in the “Free World” to have to be passed around in secret like it’s contraband? We don’t.

By sheer luck, we have direct standing to challenge at least one company, on at least one of these unjust platform bans. But we don’t have the cash on hand to pay the $25,000 costs of filing for a preliminary injunction and retaining counsel for follow up actions, nor do we have the connections to seek out and vet other legal support. If we’re going to act at all, we need to act fast, and we need your support right now.

Update: WordPress has relented and sent us the full complement of media files for Gender Identity Watch, so we’ll be able to fully restore the site without needing to take further legal action. Thank you to everyone for your help and willingness to support women’s speech!

We’ll continue to use all donations to resist the erasure of the rights of women and girls, and we’ll have further updates for our supporters on our next steps soon.

In solidarity,

The WoLF Board

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